LMP Group designs and manufactures original electromechanical solutions for the industrial market.​

LMP develops applications with mechanical and electromagnetic processes, offering components widely used in the energy sector worldwide, for over forty year.

Customer care, flexibility, efficiency, and constant process innovation through lean manufacturing, investments in technology, skills and training are essential aspects of the corporate identity.


LMP Group has a solid reputation in the world of mechatronics.


Technical design, simulations, rapid  prototyping, and advanced measurement techniques, are guided by experience and competence in the development of processes, and supported by research and attention to the most modern technologies which result in highly customizable and reliable products in the field of linear electromagnetic actuators, electronics and test machines.


LMP is a dynamic company that works alongside its customers, engineering unique projects for quality development, 
while paying attention to detail and application characteristics.

Concept, design, prototyping, validation, and industrialization are the project phases that LMP Group develops side by side with their customers; LMP provides know-how, experience, and initiative to offer the most suitable solutions to create value for its stakeholders.








LMP Group is an active player in the global market.

There are a wide variety of applications for LMP components.

Infinite solutions are proposed for customers, resulting from conception, study, planning and shared development.

Technical skills, data analytics systems, and sophisticated technologies support an experienced operational team, who are competent about the raw materials, and talented in proposing extremely versatile solutions.

Quality, competence, and a quick turnaround are the factors that have made the LMP Group credible in the eyes of its stakeholders.


Flexibility, fast prototyping and customer orientation make the biggest difference and achieve the best results.



LMP is looking for qualified personnel in these areas: 

  • Electromechanics

  • Electronics

  • Mechanics

  • Automation

  • Machinery

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